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Bachmann Class 105
Paul Johnson.
Bachmann class 105 DMU Green with speed whiskers 31-326
It appears to be right from all points of view, matches photographic references very well; though I cannot pretend to be an expert on this class, or have measured it, not having a reference drawing. The paintwork, finish, numbers and totems and other applied paint detail all very neat. Some might object to the metal block of the drive unit which fills the guards section and a couple of seating rows. This doesn’t jar for me, but if it ever did I think the passenger compartment could be cleared with some hacksawing...


Well detailed and no troubles with anything coming off, it seems to me that pretty much all the exterior detail practical in 4mm is present. I have not fitted the representations of the rubber bump pads (fitted to some of these vehicles to avoid section token exchanges denting the vehicle sides) as I don’t fancy getting adhesive on the paintwork. The buffer beam detail supplied must be tried against the coupler used and the layout curves -  a lot of it will unavoidably foul with many combinations of these two factors The interior lighting effect is subtle, needs a darkened room to be seen, but then is most effective, the best coach lighting I have seen in a UK model. Switchable too, ready wired to the decoder socket which is welcome.

Smooth and quiet in operation at all speeds – nothing like the real things which were the noisiest and rattliest bogcarts in all creation. Far too  powerful also – the originals were underpowered for suburban commuter turns out of Kings Cross, which was a large part of the reason for the noise and vibration – the model would drag an additional eight Bachmann mk1 coaches behind it before I got bored of adding more. All wheels pick up on the axles, so not only efficient pick up, but very low friction; this is a very good method.

Not had to do anything in the way of maintenance so far; will use a grease lubricant when necessary. Decoder fitting is a slight pain as the body has to be unclipped and then replaced. That apart very easy. Runs very sweetly on the Bachmann 36-553, need to buy some more  to fit up this and its’ sister pair. With an acre of underside into which a removeable cover giving access to a socket and decoder space could be worked, the fiddliness of removing the body could so easily have been avoided.

It seems churlish to grumble when the model as a whole is so good, but a model like this which most people will run permanently coupled as a set should have been fitted with the close coupling mechanism that Bachmann use on their mk1 coaches. The intermediate coupler could then be a rigid bar, allowing the corridor connectors to be in contact on straight track.
Overall ranking
9.5 Very good altogether. It may seem unfair to dock it half a point but when a model is this good, minor lack of refinement begins to show up – and yes, have bought a second set for a 4-car train.

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