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Bachmann Class 24
Paul Johnson.
Bachmann Class 24 in BR all over green D5013   catalogue no 32-430

The prototype was an ugly little lump with a shower of randomly arranged exterior fittings, that looked like it had run end on into a wall and got a little squashed. Since the model is an ugly little lump of the same  description it is most likely right. The overall length, maximum width and wheelbase check out, so I assume it is decently dimensionally accurate, those are the only dimensions I have. Paint, totems and numbers neatly applied.
The detail looks right and stays put. Bufferbeam parts go on easily, what can be fitted depends as ever on layout curves and the coupler. Lights have been added since I last bought and sold on a Bach 24, worthwhile addition, and once turned down to really low output with a decoder they look pretty realistic.
Quite possibly the sweetest and quietest mechanisms in any UK OO model - I have had a few 24 and 25 models through my hands, always so very good - straight out of the box it ran well. Pick up and drive on all wheels, the weight is good, it will drag around any load the real thing was seen with. Good gearing choice for a realistic speed range.  Not much to say really when it is this good.

It came with adequate grease on the moving parts, and will get more grease as required. A  Lenz 21 pin silver was fitted, ran it from a dead slow smooth crawl up to a realistic maximum speed, since put in the cheaper Bachmann 36-554 with similarly fine results. Getting the body back on was a little tricky, best to hook the fine tab on the front skirt into the body detent one end, then pull the body lengthwise to get the other tab into its’ detent. Stubbornly refuses to clip together if the screws are done up with the tabs not in the detents.

If you want to see how a model should perform to be considered a good runner, this is a reliable choice as a baseline standard .

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