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Bachmann Class 40

Tom Davidson



40169 BR Blue Centre Headcode 32-479



Many have complained that the body shape and detail variations make the Bachmann Class 40 an inaccurate model, but to my untrained eye it still represents the prototype well. The paint finish is excellent, and the centre headcode can easily be fitted with either domino or 4-digit printouts. I’d have preferred the more attractive (in my opinion) disc-headcode version but this version was on sale!



A lack of separately fitted or fragile parts means that the loco feels robust, with no parts breaking or falling off when enduring the rough-and-tumble of layout use. Small tension lock couplings and sprung buffers also feature. 



The Bachmann chassis has a 3 pole motor, and although it is a little on the noisy side it runs smoothly. Remember to run the loco in to get the best out of the mechanism. The heavyweight chassis means that there are no problems with power collection or haulage capability. Take care to ensure that the two trailing wheelsets (at either end of the loco) are properly on the track, as if they aren’t aligned correctly then derailments can result.



As with many Bachmann locos there was little need for any maintenance, other than a quick wheel clean every now and then. It was easy to remove the body to fit a DCC decoder, but I don’t think there was a plug-and-play socket.



A good quality loco with basic features and solid performance – similar to the real Class 40.


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