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Bachmann Class 47


Tom Davidson



47835 ‘Windsor Castle’ Intercity Livery 31-650z



In my opinion, the overall shape of the bodyshell, cab and bogies means that this is easily the most convincing model of a Class 47 in OO gauge. However, I’m less convinced by the marker light lenses, which are painted white. These seem to be much larger than on the prototype (relatively speaking) although they might be improved and toned down with a bit of weathering. The Intercity livery is crisp, clear and accurate, one of my favourite ever modern liveries.



Fine details such as handrails and couplings come ready-fitted (unlike the ViTrains equivalent). The model feels robust, and no parts fell off during running or moving around the layout room. The moulding is well executed and although the cab windows are depicted with rivets (which shouldn’t be there) the overall impression is workmanlike and accurate.



Once again, Bachmann have delivered an excellent mechanism for the Class 47. It runs particularly well on DCC, with a low starting voltage, and a heavy chassis means no problems in terms of haulage capability. Pickups on all 12 wheels mean there are never any problems on insulfrog points.



No maintenance was required other than a wheel clean, as the mechanism was consistently smooth-running. The 21-pin DCC socket is supplied pre-wired.



Despite the marker lights making the face look a little unrealistic (in my opinion) this really is a good model. The mechanism is one of the best I’ve come across, and although there are some minor cosmetic issues the overall impression is excellent.


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