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Bachmann Class 66

Paul Johnson
Bachmann  Class 66 EWS 66135 32-725

Looks like a corrugated metal shed. When I bought it there was one of the class standing just beyond the platform onto which the model shop opened, and that looked like a corrugated metal shed too. Therefore the model must be accurate.



Pretty good and very sturdy. A comprehensive set of add on bufferbeam detail has to be used selectively, what can be installed depends on both the layout curves and coupler used. Fitting the airdams really helps the front end appearance. There is the opportunity to add the traction motor wires along the chassis side as a DIY job, if you want more small detail.

Now runs really sweetly and quietly (explanation below) will pull a full size train of loaded (with real coal) bogie hoppers from dead slow up to scale 75mph.

Laugh a minute time, this was a complete impulse buy, as it was a mail order return that the shop owner was unpacking as a return from a dissatisfied customer. The accompanying letter (which was barely in English) explained it had come apart in use. Oh yes? While in use to test a pack of screwdrivers possibly! Having already piled up some stuff to buy I suggested that if it suited him I would take the disassembled item off his hands, and got a very good price on it. All went back together very easily, a couple of screws missing only, and immediately ran well.

It came with adequate grease on the moving parts, and will get more grease as required. This early version needs an 8 pin decoder.  I  used a Lenz silver, running is excellent from a dead slow smooth crawl up to a realistic maximum speed, but the budget Bachmann 36-553 now available will run this mech equally well as it is a very smooth and easy load for a decoder.

Good stuff, despite the cheap acquisition it worked out expensive overall buying 20 HTA hoppers to match, but this makes an impressive train.
Overall ranking
10 If you want an OO Class 66, this is the one to get.

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