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Bachmann Prototype Deltic DP1
Paul Johnson.
NRM/Bachmann DP1 (Deltic Prototype) 32-250
A complete success. The complex shape is superbly captured (laser scanning was used for the first time in a UK model development  to help get all the compound curvature right) the French Blue colour which is really difficult to replicate appears to be spot on, the lining, numbers, build plates all excellent, with tiny print that is legible, you need a magnifier to see some of it. To my great surprise Bachmann did not use the chassis from the production model of the Deltic which has a slightly different wheelbase; this has a unique correctly dimensioned chassis.

All the practical detail is pretty much present, and is strong and well attached, nothing has come off after two years running. Comprehensive kit of detail parts for the bufferbeams for the user to add if the model is for display and/or the coupler system and layout curves allow. Very neat scale size marker lights which are good as they stand and further improved when ‘turned down’ in brightness using a DCC decoder. The windscreen wipers are noticeably the least refined detail component; ‘one day’ I will change these for an etched replacement set.
It ran smoothly and quietly straight from the box, has all wheel pick up and more than enough weight, motor power and suitable gearing to  pull a prototypical load at somewhat more than the normal service maximum speed – pretty close to the estimated 120mph it was once belted up to down some West Coast gradient...
Adequately greased on receipt, no leakage, no maintenance required so far. Removed body, fitted a Lenz 21 pin decoder, usual excellent performance from the combo of this decoder and Bachmann’s good size 5 pole motor used in diesel types. Removed the capacitors as this yields the last ounce of refinement in dead slow running.
Certainly the finest OO diesel traction model in plastic form yet offered. This is the standard to aim at, and I am happy to read that Bachmann’s Blue Pullman and LMS Twins are targeted to be of the same quality, even though I am not personally interested in either. Let’s have better models in OO, executed as well as this.
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