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Bachmann LMS 3F Jinty
Paul Johnson.
Bachmann 3FT ‘Jinty’  in BR black early crest no 47279  catalogue no 32-229

Just right. Personalise the blank canvas with some dirt and rust, fire irons on a tank top, lamps, a shunter’s pole, etc.  and you have a lovely portrait  of a working locomotive. Paint, totems and numbers neatly applied. Measures up well against overall dimensions on drawings
The detail is pretty comprehensive and well attached, no user attachable parts supplied. The moulded coal is the least realistic piece, cover it with some of the real stuff...
Needed a little running in to become a smooth perfomer. The weight and sprung centre axle really help the all wheel pick up, very reliable indeed. It covers the speed range from slow to rather more than a normal maximum speed  for the type; although before WWII these locos were used on a suburban service running out of Broad Street onto the LNER main line, and were apparently made to go very briskly. At first it would not shift much of a load, maybe 20 free rolling wagons, and I was a little puzzled as it didn’t seem short of weight. But over a couple of weeks regular operation the traction improved significantly and a full size train of 60 wagons is now handled very smoothly. The tyres had been very black on receipt, but are now polished metal: looks like a slippy film on the surface got polished off by running.

It came with adequate grease on the moving parts, and will get more grease as required. A  Lenz silver mini was hard wired because there is very little room inside and no socket, this ran it from a dead slow smooth crawl up to a realistic maximum speed for nearly three  years: then quite recently it burnt out. Looked very realistic with grey smoke coiling around the loco, but the decoder is totalled – fortunately the Lenz warranty will replace it -  but I will put in a small  higher current handling decoder, probably a Zimo, when I get around to it.

Excellent model of a typical steam era shunting engine. I bought several more for their mechanisms, and they are now powering various old whitemetal kit bodies most satisfactorily.

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