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Bachmann LMS Fairburn 4MT Tank
Paul Johnson.
Bachmann Fairburn 4MTT no  42073 catalogue number 32-877
A really convincing model from every angle, looks well balanced and purposeful just like the prototype. Measures up well against a reference drawing. Paintwork, lining and numbers, totems etc all neatly applied.  I didn’t really need one for my modelling but the sight of it in the shop sold it ‘just like that’. (As I recall it the price was about £50 and it felt like a bargain.)
It is very well detailed, and the detail is well attached. Every angle you look at, some pleasing detail catches the eye. There are no front steps though, think these have been left  out because there is no way the loco will tackle most layout’s curves with them fitted.
Smooth running as received, with pick up from all the driven wheels. Realistic speed range for the noted fast service performance of the class. The chassis is practically a solid metal block filling almost the whole interior, as a result it has traction and to spare to pull any load the real thing could have been expected to be seen with. I think this was the first OO loco model I have ever had that required no adjustment of any sort, the pick up wipers made contact whatever position the wheels were in, the lubrication was only where it should be, the springing on the carrying wheels just right. Truly ‘ready to ru’.

There was adequate grease in the right places, no maintenance other than rod pin lubrication has been required in four years use. The body comes off very easily after three screws are removed, good space for a decoder in the top half of the smokebox directly adjacent to the socket location. It will run sweetly with any competent decoder, started out with a Lenz Silver, tried with the budget Bachmann 36-553 which also gives excellent performance.

Does this review read as an enthusiastic rave? That would be because I am delighted with this model.
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