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Bachmann LMS G2A
Paul Johnson.
Bachmann BR black no 49395 in BR black early crest 31-475

It looks wonderfully antiquated to me, (those wheels!) don’t have a drawing to measure by but I think it is trustworthy by comparison to photos, and the prototype which I had a good crawl over at the NRM. Well applied plain black, with numbers and totems neatly applied. The very minimal ‘crew shelter’ cab has been given more detail and paint than previously the norm from Bachmann ; on a model like this where it can be easily seen while in  motion that is worthwhile. The coal load is a lightly tacked in place metal weight; on mine it fell out when I took the tender top off. This was the first Bachmann model I have had since the split chassis A4 with a freely adjustable drawbar feature, much appreciated. Set so the fine hinged fall plate covers a scale loco to tender gap the ensemble looks very well ; the projection from the tender cab that goes under the loco cab roof can be unclipped if it fouls on curves at close spacing. I may replace this with a flexible weather sheet representation cut from the black bin liner bag used for making ‘tarpaulin’.

What detail there is on the loco is well rendered, all more than strong enough and looks realistic. Tack cemented the opening smokebox door shut as it tended to drift open while running. The tender is almost a better model subject than the loco as it has more on it to be modelled, the rendition of the rivets and rails especially pleasing, and adds up to a satisfactory whole.
Ran well, picks up on all coupled wheels. Good gearing for slow speed, and its’ slow running improved from an initial scale 5-6mph to a very slow and smooth glide after a couple of hours of gentle trundling about. The motor power is fine but it starts slipping at about 50 wagons because it isn’t quite heavy enough ; there is room in the boiler for a little more ballast, and that does the trick. Although an eight coupled type, these were the LNWR design family equivalent to a heavy 0-6-0, got a rating of 6F under BR. So it shouldn’t be up there with an 8F type for traction.
It came with adequate grease on the moving parts, and will get more grease as required. The 21 pin decoder plug is in the tender – very easy to get to and fit the decoder – a welcome advance not having to wrestle off increasingly delicate loco bodies. A Lenz 21 pin silver produced very refined running.

Another model which adds to Bachmann’s reputation for making models of the ordinary locos which did most of the work on the steam railway.
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