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Bachmann LMS Ivatt 4MT
Paul Johnson.
Bachmann Ivatt 4MT 2-6-0 no 43106 in BR black late crest 32-585

The prototype’s looks are well caught, and the overall dimensions are correct against a BR line drawing, so without measuring every piece I would reckon it to be pretty accurate. It’s very pretty decked out in well applied lined black, with numbers and totems neatly placed. There is a foot and a half gap for the poor fireman to negotiate to get to his tender, on the closest coupling hole. This can be closed up if your curves permit; it is possible to adjust the projection* of the tender cab roof that goes under the cab roof for the necessary clearance; coupling up at scale distance just ices the cake on overall appearance. (*The projecting piece is a separate clip in part and can be modified to clear under the cab roof, while off the tender.)

Smothered in detail large and small thanks to the build style of the prototype; every significant pipe and fitting seems to be present, the impression is very ‘busy’. Really like the token catcher on the tender. Good news, it is all strong enough not to be easily knocked off. I dropped a fair size all metal screwdriver on mine and only dislodged a front step, easily glued back on. User optional parts to be added need consideration and test against the layout curves. The bristling with detail aspect really adds a lot to the realism of the model.
Needed an hour or so of running in to go sweetly, picks up on all coupled wheels; the wipers needed cleaning and adjustment so they maintained contact fully as the wheels were moved side to side. Gearing is well selected to cover the full speed range, good from a slow crawl to a reasonable maximum for this type of loco, scale 70 – 80 mph I would guess, didn’t measure it.  The loco has all the motor power it needs, but is rather too light to reliably pull a prototypical load despite Bachmann clearly having made an effort to pack the body with metal.
They had  greased this one like it was going out of fashion, and it had leaked all over the place, big clean up required before it was run for the first time


Getting the body off the first time required cutting as the steam pipes to the  injectors were glued in. I have rearranged the interior, all the mazak ballast weight is out, lead has gone in for its’ extra density over mazak, making the loco a lot heavier. Even had to pack shaped lead sheet  into the cab, one piece above the window line, one piece on the floor, to make it adequately heavy to pull a full freight load.


The decoder was hardwired in so the socket could be eliminated to make way for more lead, the very neat internal wiring arrangement  helped with this. I used a Lenz silver, running is excellent from a dead slow smooth crawl up to a realistic maximum speed.
This loco has terrific character, and several were allocated to BR(ER) which is how I can have one contrasting strongly with my mainly ex-LNER group locos. A real gem of a model. The small problems I had with this one fade into insignificance as it trundles around the layout: on the second example purchased the steam pipes were not glued into the injectors, which was nice...
Overall ranking
10 One was not enough, so now there are two able to do duty on the layout, one clean, one filthy.


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