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Bachmann Class 158
Jacob Hampson
Class 220 In Cross Country Livery (4 Car)
The appearance is just like in real life, put good scenery around it and you wouldn't be able to tell.
The detail was good but the roofs were repetitive and all looked the same. The lights were bulbs and not LED’s.
The performance is ok at high speed and after a bit of running in. The motor on my 220 is loud but it shouldn't be like this normally.
I haven't needed to do any maintenance on this loco, all I have done is a wheel clean but i do that with every loco after a while.
Well its a superb model and would recommend it to anyone! Although it's about as DCC ready as a dead rat which should be improved by Bachmann.
Overall ranking
9.5/10. Would buy another in Virgin trains so i have both liveries !
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