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Hornby LNER B1 
Paul Johnson.
Hornby B1 in BR lined black late crest no 61183 catalogue no R 2999
Near perfect. Oh my word it is good, looks to be dead right. The tender especially just creams the old Bachmann model. The paint, lining and all that, just so neat and well applied. Looks like a museum piece.
Near perfect. All the practical detail in 4mm is provided, and the common variants are catered for, judging by photos I have seen on line. The boiler bands correctly rendered, really subtle; excellent glazing. As usual, items like cylinder drains and bufferbeam detail have to be tested against the layout curves to see if they are useable
All that it should be after a couple of hours out of the box. Possibly a little lubricant had to get distributed around the gears as initially there was a quiet ‘ticking’. But that soon went away and it is now smooth, quiet, speedy, with ample traction for the usual loads these locos hauled.
None required, neatly greased where it needs to be.
Lenz standard in tender, sweet running whatever you put behind it as a train. Really easy to fit decoder as the tender top is screw attached.
I have put a slightly shorter drawbar in, to bring loco and tender to scale distance, which just further ices the cake. Had to file down the intermediate buffer mouldings on the tender front a little to permit the tender to swing enough for my minimum radius layout curves. This is completely hidden by the moulded on ‘fallplate’ at the rear of the cab. Also put a light spring on the front bogie pivot, which improves the movement on track.
Now that competition has brought the Hornby B1 down to the same price as the Bachmann B1, it’s the no-brainer first choice. 
Overall ranking
10. Best current OO steam model I have seen, displacing the Hornby Brit. which previously was top dog in my opinion. Buy one and drool...
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