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Graham Farish BR 4MT
Sean Mathews
Graham Farish 372-651 Standard 4MT 2-6-0 76069 BR Lined Black Late Crest BR1B Tender, 5-pole skew wound motor
Bachmann’s Graham Farish continue to impress in their line of Blue Riband N Gauge locomotives.  The Standard 4MT 2-6-0 is a beautiful model that captures the look of the Riddle’s locomotive spot on.  At first glance of photos, it is hard to tell whether the engine itself is OO gauge or N gauge.  The paint and decals are superb and the very industrial look of the 4MT is captured perfectly with the large amounts of detail added.  The only negative that stands out is the enormous space between the tender and the body.  This can be rectified to some extent by an included shorter draw bar, but this still leaves a sizable gap that some might view as an eyesore.  Adding a crew does help as it takes the viewers attention away from the gap.
There are numerous amounts of separately applied details such as vacuum pipes and hand rails added to the locomotive at the factory. In addition, there is a package of parts to be attached by the buyer, such as cylinder drain cocks and front step ladders.  The amount detail is quite amazing and shows how far N gauge has progressed over the past decade.  If there were ever a reason for someone dead set in modeling OO to make the jump to N, the 4MT might prove the case.
Haulage capability of the 4MT is commendable.  Ten Bachmann MK1 coaches were hauled with no slippage and relative ease. Unfortunately, the performance as a whole has much left to be desired.  Many who have purchased this model have witnessed the locomotive lock up in either forward or reverse.  On my version, I did not have such problems.  Mine ran fine for the most part; however a distinct electrical crackling sound is heard whenever it runs.  In addition to the electrical issue, the tender of the locomotive does not stay on the track straight and cants to the side.  This is more apparent after running the engine in reverse.  Quality control seems to have plagued the 4MT, which is a shame because it is such a beautiful engine.
Maintenance is easy enough.  I ran mine in for thirty minutes in both directions as the instructions called for.  I did not need to oil the motor.  DCC installation is a snap.  Two screws are removed on the tender and the 6 pin decoder is simply plugged in.  The DCC installation is much easier than adding the other detail accessories which can be quite fiddly. 
Overall, the Graham Farish Standard 4MT 2-6-0 is a stunning model let down by mechanical issues.  The detail on the model is so far the pinnacle of N gauge success, but the mechanical problems are not befitting of what we expect from Bachmann.  As I purchased the model when they first were shipped, I have not had a chance to get a hold of a newer model.  It is possible these issues have been fixed, as Bachmann is usually good about taking customer feedback.
Overall ranking
7/10 Pros: Gorgeous model, easy DCC installation, shows how far N Gauge has come. Cons: Quality control issues
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