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Graham Farish LMS Black Five


Sean Mathews



Graham Farish 372-137 Stanier Class 5 45110 BR Lined Black Late Crest, 5-pole skew wound motor



Graham Farish took one of the most useful locomotives of all time, Stanier’s Class 5, and have (unknowingly) made it their flagship model.  Everything wonderful about the current state of N gauge can be summed up with the gorgeous Black 5.  At first look, there is no mistaking what locomotive it is.  The look is captured perfect.  From the front to the back, Farish appear to have put an enormous amount of energy into the Black 5, and it has paid off.  I posses the late-crested model; however photos of the LMS liveried version look beautiful and tempting for someone who doesn’t model that period.



As with all of the latest Farish offerings, starting with the Jubilee several years ago, the Black 5 boasts all the bells and whistles of the Blue Riband range.  As with most of the Farish locomotives, the front pony wheels are smaller than prototype to allow for tighter radius curves, however, a set of scale wheels are supplied which add significantly to the look of the “5”.



Performance is perfect.  The scale speed feels right and it runs smooth.  Haulage is excellent, as the Black 5 was able to manage ten MKI coaches with little effort.  I would have added more, but my test track didn’t allow it.  The motor runs quiet and it is a joy to operate.



Following the advised running-in method prescribed by Bachmann will allow for trouble free running.  The Black 5 is DCC ready, so all you need to do is plug in a 6 pin decoder and it is good to go. 



The Graham Farish Class 5 has set the bar very high for all other locomotives produced by Graham Farish or Dapol. I dare say that the Black 5 is the perfect N gauge locomotive, but it is certainly the perfect rendition of one of the most successful engines in British Railways history.  I suspect some OO converts if they manage to handle one of these classy models.


Overall ranking

10/10 Pros: A perfect model of a near perfect class of locomotive. Cons: None

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