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Heljan Lion


Heljan Lion Ref 4005
Lion was finished in a white paint job with gold body stripes. From the pictures I have seen the model represents this well. The bogies do appear to be moulded white plastic and I have painted mine matt white in preparation for some weathering. However the "out of the box" look is good. This model represents a step forward for British outline model in that the opaque roof panels of the original have been modelled in frosted plastic , which lets you see the circuit board below. The roof fans are not etched but black painted with red fan detail carefully printed on. Almost as effective as etched grilles
This model has the pipe work fitted to both buffer beams and the screw link coupling. If you want to use the small NEM coupling supplied you will have to take off some of this detail. This model has wire handrails in all locations .The name and manufacturers details are nicely printed on the model as raised detail. The model has working headcode lights (the headcodes are pre-fitted unlike earlier Heljan models) and quite dim tail lights.
Underneath this model is a class 47 chassis, heavy 5 pole Buhler motor, 4 axle drive , all wheel pick up. I have over 20 Heljan 47s and all are capable of hauling 15 coaches with ease. They are very forgiving of all types of track and the coupling attached to the bogie is my favourite method for fuss free coupling and running. The body of Lion unclips (it is a tight fit) and reveals an easy to access NMRA compatible 8 pin decoder socket. From experience with the 47`s these models will run fine on Hornby and Bachmann chips. Plus great dc control.
Clip off body means access to oily bits is easy. I would say a once a year oil/clean up will be fine for these robust mechanisms
This is a limited edition and as such is priced at over £100. As I am a fan of the class 47 and this prototype was loosely part of its history I am happy to pay this but feature wise a £61 Bachmann 47 has more features. You pays your money....
Overall Ranking
Before this model your only choice was a Silverfox body kit for a Lima 47 or from them as ready to run for a similar price. So on that basis it is good value, however the detail ,whilst acceptable is below the latest models. I am very happy with this model so would give it 8/10.  

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