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Hornby BR 9F
I am reviewing the Hornby 9F 'Evening Star'. The product code for this model is R2785. I am not sure what type of motor is in this model but it does run smoothly and quietly. This Model Was made in China and it's a loco drive model.
The appearance is great. Every bit of lettering detail is in the correct place. It even has the plaque below the name of the locomotive saying that it was the last locomotive built for BR and that it was built at Swindon Works.

The detail is outstanding for a Railroad Range model. I only paid £52.50 for this model and it comes with the detail that comes with £80-90 models. It has sprung buffers, handrails, a bronze coloured chimney, gold saftey valves and a cab full of detail. The cab detail was all un-painted but still good. It also came with two vacuum brake pipes to put on the front and back of the locomotive.

This locomotive has excellent performence, it can easly handle points because of the amount of pickups. It only has two wheels right at the front of the model which don't have contacts on. That means a total of 16 wheels with pickups, this total includes the ones on the tender. It runs very smoothly and can easily pull about 30-40 coal wagons! 
Just keep it well maintained by lubricating it whenever you think it needs it and give it a service every now and then it should run fine. I have not had a chance to fit a decoder to this model yet but I have heard their is enough room to fit it without damaging it.

Overall a great model. I think the other Railroad 9F has the same level of detail as this model.
Overall ranking
10/10, definitely a must-buy model!
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