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Hornby Class 08


Tom Davidson



09019 Mainline Blue (Modelzone Limited Edition) R2801



Overall, the model seems to be more ‘in focus’ than the Bachmann one (that’s the best way I think I can describe it). Painting and lining are to Hornby’s usual standard, with the Mainline aircraft blue offering an alternative to EWS and BR Green. I repainted mine into BR Blue, as Hornby haven’t released a version in this livery for ages...



The detail on the Hornby model surpasses that on the rival Bachmann version, with crisply moulded grills and coupling rods. It also feels reasonably robust, unlike some Hornby steam locos, and with a heavy chassis the model feels well-built.



The loco runs extremely smoothly, but with a little more noise than I was expecting. At all speeds the model seems to growl, much more so than the Bachmann version, and after several months of occasional running has developed a squeak. The rigid frame also means that the chassis doesn’t cope with insulfrog points well, although the overall speed is suitably low. Acceleration and deceleration are very smooth indeed, even with a standard DC controller.



I couldn’t work out how to get the body off to try and lubricate the drive chain – perhaps the repaint had stuck the body to the chassis!



Overall, of the Hornby and Bachmann versions, I think I’d prefer a Hornby 08 in BR Blue. Unfortunately these are hard to come by these days, and given that I struggled to remove the body to lubricate the mechanism, performance wasn’t too good. Hopefully that would be improved with a good service.


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