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Hornby Class 373


Tom Davidson



Class 373 GNER Livery R2197



The model looks very much like the real thing, with the GNER blue well suited to this iconic design. Paint and decals are finely printed and the whole model exudes an air of class quite unlike any other!



There is no separately fitted detail, although the plastic pantograph somewhat lets the model down. This can’t be positioned in an upright fashion, and it bears little resemblance to the real thing. The cab moulding is accurate, and headlights (although they are not powered) do look more realistic than the Class 91 or Mk4 DVT.



The model runs exceptionally quickly, and this gearing makes it difficult to achieve any kind of slow start or stop. With pickups on 6 of the 8 wheels on the driving car insulfrog points aren’t a problem, and a couple of traction tyres mean that a prototype rake might just about be manageable. A better motor would ensure that the performance matches up to the good quality moulding and paint job.



No maintenance was required at all, just a wheel clean every now and then; the wheels did seem to collect more dirt than other models. A DCC decoder can be fitted using hard-wiring.



Overall, the model looked great but performed poorly. It was also difficult to disconnect the two passenger coaches, as you can’t see how they are connected – you feel like you are going to snap the plastic. Hopefully this livery will be available again once the Eurostar tooling is revised.


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