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Hornby Class 390

Hornby R1134 DCC Fitted Virgin Pendolino
It has nice paintwork and a correct livery.
Their is no detail on the outside of the locomotives body but the detail is still good. It includes working directional lighting, a bit of cab detailing and good roof detailing like on the Bachmann Super Voyager. The couplings are close connection couplings and can only be connected to other virgin pendolino coaches. It has a mechanical but non-operational pantograph and a great tilting mechanism.
The locomotive runs quite smoothly however mine derails a bit more than any other locomotives. It can pull the full 9 coach train and could probably pull the prototype 11 coach trains.
This locomotive needs lubricating regularly. This locomotive that I am reviewing came DCC Fitted but I should imagine it would be quite easy to fit a decoder. If you are DCCing the DCC ready version it will need two decoders for the directional lighting to work.
It is a good locomotive.
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