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Hornby Class 60


Tom Davidson



60026 EWS R2488



This loco deserves its reputation as one of the finest OO gauge models around, with a superbly detailed body moulding and underframe. The paint finish is equally good, and the working lights (which can be adjusted for day or night working) really do make a difference. A much more convincing ‘face’ than the previous Lima model.



There was a small detail pack supplied with the loco, with snowploughs and bufferbeam fittings. However, the detail already fitted to the loco, particularly the air horns, was very brittle. All of the air horns on my model had broken off within a few weeks of being put in and taken out of the box regularly, so take care if you’re moving the loco from shelf to layout.



This is where the loco really shines, with a heavy, powerful and smooth mechanism. Using a standard Hornby decoder and DCC power gave great results, with very smooth acceleration and a very low minimum speed. Pickups from all 12 wheels mean that even dirty track isn’t too much of a problem for this beast. Only one thing detracted from this (and it is a minor concern) – the sanding pipes close to each wheel clicked in and out of place when going round curves, which was only noticeable given how quiet the loco was. I removed these with a pair of pliers, but sticklers for fine detail might find it more of an issue.



Fitting a DCC was a piece of cake, as the body unclips from the chassis to reveal an 8-pin socket. Nothing else is needed, and I didn’t even need to clean the wheels!



Overall this is a fantastic model, spoilt only by my inability to handle it carefully. The performance has to be seen to be believed, as it really does replicate the brawny and powerful Class 60 very well.


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