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Hornby Class 87
Hornby R2787 Class 87 (87010 King Arthur, 5-pole skew-wound, Chinese)
Intercity Swallow paint colours seem to be realistic. The details on the paint job are very well-defined. The only criticism is that the paint is just not quite glossy enough. The roof area should, I think, be in a slightly darker shade of grey. Typography is good. The paint is quite durable, apart from the yellow ends, which are slightly more fragile.
The pantograph looks relatively realistic, although some considerable modification would be needed to run off OHLE (a hole is provided for this purpose, which spoils the detail slightly). Cab interiors, handles, rivets, plates, bogies and so on are of good standards. Perhaps the roof features could be more detailed, as could the smaller windows. The biggest problem is the lack of realistic lights - they're just painted on!
The loco is incredibly smooth to run at any speed, provided the controller is correctly matched to the transformer
by voltage (i.e. if the transformer voltage is too low, juddering may occur). It is stable and quick, with sufficient pickup capacity. A heavy load can be moved at any speed without a drop in performance. A full Intercity rake should not be a problem at all. The loco could be used on Thunderbird duties if a less reliable loco were to stall on an inaccessible part of a larger layout. Performance is, overall, a very strong point.
The bodyshell will detach from the chassis in a simple way, though the screw threads are not particularly durable. A decoder
can be fitted easily as the loco is DCC Ready. If the pantograph comes off, it can usually be reattached with a little glue and the use of the integrated pins. Please note that the pantograph can be gently raised and lowered, but some kit footbridges may be too low for it to be raised! Lubricant is needed in medium quantities - a few drops at regular intervals. The loco is generally extremely reliable, especially if run-in for a good period of time.
Overall, it's very good value for money at the RRP or even a bit over, provided it's in good condition. Hard to obtain as of mid-June 2013. as UK stocks are scarce.
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