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Hornby Class 90


Tom Davidson



90001 Intercity R242 (Margate made, 3-pole motor bogie)



In comparison with other electric models of this era, the layered clear plastic headlight makes for a much more realistic appearance. The paint finish is also good, although there are a few fuzzy lines and areas of overspray in certain places. The valance at the lower end of each cab is divided between the body and bogie, which detracts from an otherwise convincing model.



The pantograph is at the ‘robust’ end of the detail spectrum, with a set of wires and transformers also on the roof. Handrails and bufferbeam details are all moulded on, with no separately fitted parts other than the light fitting and roof details.



Originally, the loco was supplied with a 3-pole motor and 2 pickups on each side. This has been improved significantly with the upgrade of a 3-pole chassis made in China, which has pickups on all wheels and still retains a high top speed. Although this isn’t quite as smooth as the 5-pole version, it still performs consistently on my loft layout.



Make sure you keep all the wheels spotless if you don’t upgrade the chassis, and a very light application of oil will help keep things moving. DCC decoders must be hard wired.



This is another classic model from the 1990s, and as well as the attractive Intercity livery I’ve got an alternative bodyshell in RES colours. A good performer, and I really like the 3-pole chassis with 8-wheel pickup.


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