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Hornby Class 91
Tom Davidson
Excellent paint finish and good bodyshell moulding (albeit inaccurate for a 91 since their major overhaul). The look of the front end is seriously let down by the black plastic light fitting, and you’d think this could be easily replaced with something more realistic.
Other than the light fitting, which I have upgraded through the use of transparent plasticard, the pantograph and roof details are the only other separately fitted parts. These are a little bit too chunky when compared to more modern locos, but overall levels of detail aren’t too bad.
The excellent motor bogie means that performance is as good as you’ll get from a Ringfield-type motor. Pickups on all 8 wheels mean that it doesn’t stall too often on insulfrog points, and the loco is powerful enough to haul at least a 9 coach train. Smooth and quiet acceleration, particularly using a Hornby DCC decoder, although the top speed isn’t as fast as some.
No DCC socket so decoder must be hard wired, but the loco is easy to dismantle for wheel cleaning and maintenance purposes. A light oiling of the motor bogie (and possibly trailing bogie wheels) will improve performance, but don’t overdo it.
Attractive and reliable model that is let down by some detail errors. That light fitting really needs addressing - either through a retool or separately moulded part.
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