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Hornby Elite
Andrew Carter
Hornby Elite DCC controller
Looks a bit cheap and plastic compared to some other controllers.
Good clear screen two separate control knobs, good clear button layout.
A bit fiddly compared to some controllers, however all the necessary components are contained in this controller. With the advent of the 'Railmaster' computer computer based system for the Elite the fiddly button pushing is negated, and the Elite is now elevated into a first class user friendly system, and is the hub of an expanding system from Hornby.
No maintenance issues, firmware updates are downloadable and free.
Originally the Elite was panned by many, however it has stood the test of time, my experience was always very good and I wish I had not changed to Lenz! With Railmaster on board the detractors have been answered.
Overall ranking
9/10 Just let down by the plastic body
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