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Hornby LNER J94
Paul Johnson.
Hornby J94, China production, catalogue number unknown, secondhand purchase of an unboxed model renumbered by previous owner. Very cheap!
Very good for overall appearance, accurate enough against the one drawing I have (but the drawing is from a source somewhat error prone...) The paint is good (not much to go wrong with plain black!)
Decently detailed, but moulded on handrails around the cab entrance betray the model’s age.
As received it ran fairly well if a little noisily. See below.
After a brief test run that showed it to be a runner, it was in pieces half an hour later. The noise was because the motor was poorly aligned in the ballast weight clamp and plastic mouldings that hold it in place. Got this sorted out, sawed a large amount of the ballast weight away to accommodate a Lens silver decoder and lead ballast, also pulled out the bunker weight and replaced that in lead, stretched the centre axle spring to make its’ action more positive, adjusted the pick up wipers for good contact, grease lubricated throughout.   Heavier, and all adjusted, it was already quieter, and after a couple of hours trundling about at moderate speed reversing direction every quarter hour is now very quiet indeed. Will move a full size goods train of sixty wagons very easily at a realistic slow speed, very pleasing for a loco that cost much less than the decoder it is fitted with.

Probably the best 0-6-0T in Hornby’s range.
Overall ranking
7 Reasonable model, capable of being much improved.


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