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Hornby LNER L1


Tom Davidson



67717 British Railways Apple Green R2959



Judging on a selection of prototype photographs, this model is an extremely accurate rendition of the original L1. The paint finish is excellent, although a bit of weathering might be more appropriate for a hard-working suburban loco. The face and overall body shape are very convincing, with some particularly fine detail on the smokebox. British Railways Apple Green is appropriate for the L1s in the very first years of service.



A separate detail pack is enclosed, but to my mind the loco already looks detailed enough – some of the fine mouldings on the smokebox and around the cab is as good as I’ve seen on a railway model. It is a bit delicate for young hands, although my clumsy handling hasn’t yet resulted in any breakages.



Here’s where the loco really shines, as with pickups on 10 wheels (including the trailing bogie) electrical conductivity is excellent. This, along with the 5-pole skew wound motor, makes for smooth and powerful acceleration. I’ve not tried it with DCC, but even with a standard Gaugemaster or Morley controller it performs faultlessly. No derailments have afflicted the model I have, even on badly laid Peco Code 100!



Nothing needed so far, although I have heard the body comes off easily for the fitting of a DCC decoder.



Nothing to fault this model – great performance and a finely detailed accurate appearance. Also reasonably cheap for a new Hornby loco, particularly if you can pick it up for a discount.


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