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Hornby R965

Graeme Kilgour

Hornby R965 Standard Controller

The controller does come with the C990 wall transformer. The transformer is rated at 0.8 amps whilst the controller has a 1 amp cut-out. Has a good strong casing but the track wires are fixed inside the sealed unit so if they come loose, they cannot be repaired. It has a 16v AC accessory output as well as one 0-12v track output.

Ease of Use

Plug it in, connect it to the track and you’re off – couldn’t be easier. Turn the dial up and the locos speed will increase. Very smooth but it doesn’t start until you have turned it about 1/4 on.

Very reliable with good steady speed control.


I’ve never had any problems so have never had to contact Hornby regarding this product. I have two (one from a train set and one second-hand) both of which are perfect. Hornby have discontinued this now and replaced it with a newer model. It fetches around £15 second-hand with transformer.

Overall ranking

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