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Hornby SR Rebuilt Bulleid Pacific


Roger Hart



Hornby R2169, BR SR Rebuilt 8P Merchant Navy 35028’Clan Line’.  5 pole motor loco drive. China Built.



This model truly captures the massive look of the prototype.  Luckily the prototype is extant so the likeness test is easy to apply.  The paint finish and printing is excellent and the shade of BR Brunswick green is spot on but possibly too clean.  



It is easy to fit the front coupling although I didn’t feel the need to fit the other supplied spare parts.  The speedometer is difficult to reconnect if care is not taken when splitting the body and chassis. 



The loco ran well straight from the box and is a smooth and powerful performer.  It will pull a reasonably representative set of the heavy Hornby Pullman coaches on a slightly undulating circuit of track.  There are sufficient pickups for steady operation over Insulfrog points.



Use the loco frequently and lubricate sparingly but always in accordance with the Hornby instructions.  I prefer to use a pen type dispenser of Electrolube.  The loco body and chassis have to be separated to fit a decoder in the loco. 



The production of his model was a milestone in the development of Hornby.  It heralded super detail with a great motor fitted in the locomotive once again.  Subsequent models of this class have been released most years since and its popularity is still very high.


Overall Ranking

10/10.  I would and have bought other members of this class.

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