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Hornby SR Terrier
Tim Davies
Hornby R3022, SR A1X Terrier, 0-6-0 tank. 3 pole type 7 motor, loco drive. Not DCC ready. Made in China. 6 wheel pickup with sprung centre axle. I fitted a TCS M1 micro decoder from new. £50 from Hattons. Also R2605 and R2483 in Brighton livery.
I think this is the smallest steam loco available, and it?s definitely cute. The general appearance captures the essence of the original well, but there are some obvious faults. Paint finish and printing perfect.
There are no items like lamp irons or whistles that are easily broken. Unsprung buffers. Small mods pack.
The pickup arrangements and sprung centre axle provide reliable performance for such a small and light loco. Starting and slow running (down to 1cm/sec) are perfect. Insulfrog points are rarely a problem, nor is not so clean track. Top speed is about right, a scale 45 mph, depending on operating voltage. There is slight motor noise. No derailment problems. I have hauled 4 Maunsell coaches, and 2 up a 1 in 50 grade.
Careful oiling at 100 hours or six months. Clean the wheel tyres and the pickup contact areas on the backs of the wheels. I plan to fit a socket so that wheel cleaning can be carried out while they are running. Body removal is much easier than most Hornby steam locos, 2 screws underneath and the body lifts off. Before installing the micro decoder in place of the interference suppressors, I changed the pickup wiring so that the pickups were linked directly, and the decoder wires were then simply soldered to the front pair. This required removal of the motor to access the centre pickups beneath.
After my unfortunate experience with a Hornby J83, (reviewed elsewhere on this site) this loco ran perfectly straight out of the box. It was originally a Dapol design and its chassis is quite different to most other Hornby 0-6-0s. There is a sprung centre axle and the 2 front wheel pairs have a spring loaded pickup system, while conventional phosphor bronze strips are fitted to the rear wheels. So, despite the loco?s light weight, pickup is reliable.
Overall ranking
This review is partly based on comparison with eight other current Hornby DCC loco drive models I have tested, which include LNER A1 and J83, and Southern Schools x 2, T9 x 2, Q1 and N15. On an absolute scale I would give an 8.5/10, the reduced score due to some lack of accuracy in the model. But it still looks great to me. Definite must for most Southern fans. Good one for the price Hornby!
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