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Hornby Thomas


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1 Thomas Blue (Margate made, SSPP chassis)



Based on a prototype from the LB&SC railway, the moulding closely resembles the illustrations from the books. Smiling face and bright blue paint finish!



A vacuum pipe was supplied in the box but never fitted, and the overall feel is (quite rightly) robust rather than finely detailed.



Although the motor is reliable and easy to service, the mechanism has always been fairly noisy. It also suffered from jerky movements, which was only cured by the removal of the brake gear moulded onto the baseplate – it seems the wheels had been catching on the plastic. Runs at a good speed, although with pickups on only 4 wheels it can be prone to stalling.



Make sure you clean any fluff and grime out of the mechanism every so often, particularly if running on carpet. This is a reasonably easy job for the beginner, and assembly diagrams can be found on the Hornby website if you get into a spot of bother!



Good quality loco, very suited to the younger end of the modelling community. More pickups could be added if the model is upgraded, perhaps through the installation of a Bachmann Jinty chassis.


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