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Lenz Set 100
Paul Johnson

Lenz Set 100 and TR150 transformer


Very neat aluminium cased command unit, with a small handset on a plug in  2 meter lead. Full system that will do ‘everything’: supports more addresses then most of us have locos, full programming etc. I have it running a dozen locos and it has never faltered. The set up and running instructions for each loco on the system are retained, so you can move from any running loco to any running loco at will and pick it up exactly as you left it. Programming on Main is a snap, and something I use all the time to set loco inertia from the value for running light to an appropriate value for the train weight. Designed for expansion with as many handsets on the system as required, power boosters once the first near 5A supply is exceeded.


Ease of Use
The get you started instructions in the very comprehensive manual had a loco running forward then reverse within thirty seconds from powering up the unit, a great confidence builder. Then you just have to read the manual, and one by one try out all the options, and practice those you want to use until you are unconsciously competent. Took me about  a dozen evening sessions to evaluate all the possibilities and then thoroughly learn how to do everything I wished to use ‘automatically’, just like driving a car: now I just drive the trains and don’t think about the system at all. The handset is small enough to be worked single handed when driving, leaves the other hand free to work an uncoupling pole, hold a cup of tea, whatever.


Appears to be bombproof. Not a single problem in seven years, everything simply works exactly as the very clear user manual describes. Good distributor support by all accounts, though have not had to call on this.


I bought this system after reading all the manuals then available online, and gauging the professionalism of the companies that way; and then for Lenz’ reputation of ultra-reliability; and have not been disappointed. When a system is a ‘black box’ you want it reliable, that way when something doesn’t work as expected you can be confident it is not system malfunction but something you have done or built.


Overall ranking
10. I would replace it with Lenz without question if it was lost in some way.
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