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For each review there are several categories, designed to reflect the different elements of a good model railway loco. Any information you can give is helpful to people looking to spend their money on model railways, even just a few words for each question, and if there’s a question you don’t feel you can answer, don’t worry, just skip it.
Equally valuable are any photos of the model you may have - images are often even more useful than text, particularly for visual aspects of the model.
To submit a review or photo you can either send an email using this direct link, or copy and paste the text below into a separate email (submit@railwayreview.co.uk). It should take less than 7 days for your review to be published on the site.
If you’d like to submit a review for a model not included in the listings, you can suggest a new category here.
Controller reviews are based on different factors, and you can submit a review here
The following categories are suggested for the basis of each review:
Your name that will be displayed on the review.
Which version of the loco are you reviewing? Product ID code / 3 pole or 5 pole / tender or loco drive / Margate or China?
In your opinion, does the loco capture the look of the prototype? Is the paint finish and printing of good quality?
Were the detailed parts sturdy enough, and was there enough detail to look realistic? Are couplings and handrails easy to fit?
Did the loco run smoothly? Were there sufficient pickups for insulfrog points? Was the loco powerful enough to pull a prototypical load?
What are your top tips for keeping the loco running? How much (and what type) of lubricant should be used? Was it easy to fit a decoder?
Any other information not included in the categories above, and any overall thoughts about the model.
Overall ranking
How would you mark the model out of 10? If you would definitely buy the loco again, mark 10, if you wish you had never bothered, mark 1!
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